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Providing the best value and flexibility to Our Clients.

We want to offer our customers solutions that combine unbeatable value for price, flexibility and choice for the rental of office space and for related services, such as storage units. Our clients save time and money by taking advantage of the best office rentals in Montreal, with all the services they need to manage their growing business.

Advantages of a Business Center

Enjoy all the advantages of a business center without having to worry about a restrictive long-term lease or managing costly support staff. ESPACE MTL has full-service office rentals available for lease, which include 24 hours access to the property.

No restrictive long-term lease

No managing costly support staff
Full-service office rentals for lease

24 hours access

Office Space & Self Storage with Peace of Mind

ESPACE MTL understands that safety and security are of paramount importance to any small business or home office. Our storage units are outfitted with the best safety and security features

Why you should opt for an Office & Storage Space

If you are an entrepreneur, small-business owner, or remote worker, chances are your office is in your own home. This can be convenient and save you some money, but it also has its downsides, especially for a growing business like yours!

Still wondering if an Office Space and/or Storage Solution is right for you?

We’ve prepared some questions to help you decide:
Is your inventory and merchandise cluttering your home office space?
Are you overwhelmed by paperwork, marketing materials, and other documents?
Are you finding it difficult to meet clients, or go on business trips because you are waiting at home for your business package?
Are you storing excess stock or deliveries in your home closets?
Do you find it difficult or time-consuming to keep track of inventory?

Is it difficult to sign long-term leases or contracts due to the pace of your home-based business?

Do you want more flexibility than the standard lease for commercial space?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ESPACE MTL is the ideal solution for your small or home-based business!